How Uhura is helping lighting manufacturer LEDVANCE reposition its brand and showcase its new image in a global campaign.

Kai Wermer
Kai Wermer

Many industries are currently undergoing a rapid transformation process. The lighting and electrical industry is also facing far-reaching changes.

LEDVANCE, which emerged as a spin-off from lighting pioneer OSRAM in 2016, is one of the leading companies in the lighting industry and is currently also expanding into the field of renewable energies. Time to make these changes visible in the brand positioning and architecture.

Uhura advised LEDVANCE on the repositioning of the brand and created a new brand image in spring 2023, defined the mission statement, communication territories, a supporting "Tone of Voice" and coined the tagline "POWER TROUGH LIGHT".

To support LEDVANCE in redefining its brand, Uhura went through a multi-stage consulting process with the client:

  • Insight & Opportunities: An analysis of the current situation, existing materials and requirements and, above all, a structured survey of internal stakeholders such as product and sales managers, management and HR management revealed initial opportunities and trends. Initial strategy routes were consolidated in in-depth workshops and collected together with the customer teams in an "Insight and Opportunity Report" for further refinement.
  • Strategy development: Building on the findings, the first positioning areas and initial core ideas for brand positioning and key differentiators were then formulated. These were further reviewed and refined in positioning workshops together with LEDVANCE. Exercises on brand personality, tonality, visual language and communication themes enabled further definitions of the brand to be formulated quickly.
  • Finalization and guidelines: Finally, the strategies and communication topics were validated internally and externally. On this basis, the strategy was finally summarized in brand guidelines and explanatory materials for implementation were distributed worldwide.
So far, so good. But how do you communicate this positioning in a company that operates internationally in more than 10 markets?

Together with LEDVANCE and its international network partners, Uhura creates an image video that visualizes the brand story emotionally and makes it tangible. The focus is on the story of a lighting innovator who solves obvious challenges relating to the environment and the provision of light and energy. The video production was implemented by Uhura in Portugal and localized and culturally adapted for the respective 9+ language markets. A total of 303 video documents were made available for the respective country offices.

Uhura for LEDVANCE - New brand positioning and global video campaign


The new brand image is the basis for all future image and product communication and has been rolled out on social media, websites and other digital channels since January 2024 and is an essential part of corporate communication for B2B and B2C markets and applications.

The experience of organizing and consulting for a globally rolled out campaign was also a great challenge for the Uhura team, which inspired us in many areas and in our work for other clients.

Uhura advises on brand building projects - if you have any questions or a project, please get in touch.

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