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Uhura has been working for TOTAL Deutschland since as early as 2012. Our work not only includes digital brand and product communication, but also internal communication projects, and the development of e-commerce solutions for different applications.

Ongoing social media profile management
Over 2.4 million Facebook fans, hundreds of thousands of video views and digital exposures thanks to the ongoing management services provided by Uhura for TOTAL Deutschland’s various social media profiles.

Content and social media campaigns
We develop three to four content and social media campaigns each year to market the more than 1,000 Total petrol stations in Germany.

E-commerce projects
Uhura designed and implemented the new, fully responsive fuel-oil shop for TOTAL Deutschland. Customers can now place their fuel-oil orders faster, easier and with better service using this innovative e-commerce offering.

Innovation projects and digital consulting
Uhura advises TOTAL Deutschland permanently in all matters relating to the digital transformation of business processes and communications. More specifically, Uhura designs new service applications, outlines the business planning for innovative projects and builds prototypes.

The creation and design of social media campaign Social media editorial desk and supervision Social media marketing control



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