More visibility and professional attendees for Germany's biggest fashion event. 

The creative industry is one of the most important areas of support for the city of Berlin, and Berlin Fashion Week is an outstanding flagship for this. After creating a content strategy, Uhura creates the central campaign for Fashion Week Berlin each season, integrating the development of the key visual - the website, as well as online, content and social media management.

In doing so, Uhura focuses on a communication shift in the development of the campaigns; away from an announcement communication, towards a dialogue and content communication for a professional industry audience.

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Berlin fashion week visual

Fashion Week Berlin - Content as unique as the fashion week

A group of models on a runway
A male model on a runway
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Uhura also designed the new website for the repositioning of Berlin Fashion Week in January 2021 and adjusted the successful campaign to the new needs of both organizers and visitors.
Each season, the Uhura team created more than 200 pieces of content for the website and social media and distributed them on the the website and social media, namely Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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Social media for Berlin's creative scene