How to relaunch the Bankenverband and keep more than ten online offers running?

The Bundesverband Deutscher Banken e. V. (Association of German Banks) represents the interests of private banks in Germany. The association is looking for a complete reorientation of its more than ten digital offerings in terms of content, design and technology.

Important services and more than 4,000 content items had to be easily accessible and up-to-date, as well as prepared for specific target groups and distributed via various channels and offerings. In a comprehensive platform audit and UX process, Uhura is responsible for the complete redesign and technical realization of the offerings and continuously ensures operational reliability.

Case video Bankenverband

80 %
constant content customers
> 5,8 Mio.
times a year the currency converter is used
12 min.
is the average retention time on the website