How do you give the traditional Kikkoman brand the digital "kikk"?

Kikkoman, the world market leader in the soy sauce industry, wants to reorganize its’ digital communication in Germany. Uhura relaunches the brand identity in the digital space.

In a brand workshop, the archetypes, values and attributes of the traditional brand are defined. As a result, the tonality and visual staging of the content has realigned accordingly in order to attract new target audiences to the existing consumer base. Additionally, Uhura relaunches the digital home of the brand – the website, reorganizes the social media page and optimizes the digital campaign management. After only half a year of working for Kikkoman, Uhura is promptly awarded the Fox AWARD for the work.


50 % more
coverage on all digital channels
1.2 %
interaction rate
15 %
increase in social media followers