What sets Uhura apart from other agencies?

Unlike many agencies, we don't just create beautiful designs or funny campaigns. Of course, we have also been awarded for our style and creativity, but this is rather the result of strategies that supports your brand and your company. Strategies that are based on data and fact-based analyses of customer behaviour. Strategies that not only win prizes, but also customers, buyers and users. Uhura acts proactively, in an intelligent manner and the highest possible speed of reaction when working with customers.

What is Uhura's position on pitches?

Feel free to invite us to Pitches. We are looking forward to sound, realistic, fair and well thought-out briefings. Business is always people business, especially in a complex world. We therefore gladly recommend a first chemistry meeting where client and agency teams get to know each other and in the best case a real and concrete discussion about the planned project can take place – to find out what is expected from both sides for success.

"Strategy, design, marketing and management." Can Uhura handle a complete relaunch or develop an app?

Of course. Uhura is a digital agency that develops digital products and applications like websites or apps. We have also taken on a wide range of vertical integration tasks. Sometimes only the UX design, sometimes the complete technical realisation and implementation.

Does Uhura take over not only the creation, but also the media handling in the field of social media, AdWords or native ads?

Yes, Uhura relies on agile and data-driven media and campaign management for paid media. The goal: To achieve the highest possible efficiency for the budgets used. We usually manage campaigns with five to six-figure media budgets.

Can Uhura help me with the search optimisation (SEO) of my offers?

Yes, we have both specialists for on- and off-page analysis and optimisation as well as an editorial and development team that can also help with implementation.

I would like to work with you, but I can't find a suitable job description – can I send an unsolicited application?

Yes, you can also send an unsolicited application to Uhura – if you are smart and creative, have special skills that enrich our team, we would be happy to invite you for a first interview.

Can I do an internship at Uhura?

We are always happy to hear from talented young people and if you don't just have to do your internship but you love to do it, please send us an application to join@uhura.de.

Does Uhura take over the maintenance and display of my social media profiles?

Yup, we are behind the profiles of Withings, Kikkoman, Schlaraffia, Total Deutschland or PlutoTV. We work on seasonal campaigns for Berlin Fashion Week, Berlin Partner or Uniper. The Uhura Social Media Team creates content, posts and comments for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, building an active and addressable community.

What happens after a successful website relaunch? Does Uhura offer professional maintenance and a technical update programme?

Uhura offers comprehensive maintenance and update packages to ensure that your applications always remain tiptop after creation.

Uhura is part of an agency network. What advantages does this bring me as a customer?

Firstly, we can effectively roll out projects and campaigns in the most important European markets and beyond. We adapt content with the necessary local twist and provide contact persons for your teams on site. In addition, we have access to more than 450 digital experts in our network and can thus draw insights from hundreds of projects and make them available for use. From Big Data and AI to Voice and applications in marketing automation or gameification.

What does Uhura expect from its customers?

Don't panic. We expect our customers to behave in a correct and comprehensible manner. That they strategically fulfil their leading role in the projects and do not use up unnecessary resources through micromanagement. We expect a management based on partnership that focuses on the success of the project. After all, all our efforts are also aimed at delivering excellent work on time and within budget.

What does the ideal first contact as a customer look like?

Simple: Call or send an e-mail to kai@uhura.de or mk@uhura.de. We usually respond in less than 24 hours.

Let's talk about how we can help you stand out. Contact us.