Campaign for Berlin
as a deep tech location

The city of Berlin wants to continue to strongly promote Berlin's development into a deep tech location. Campaign-like approaches have been used in the past, but not with the desired success.

Uhura continues to develop the Deep Tech campaigns and stages an AWARD as the dramaturgical highlight of a long-term campaign. It is designed to address the specific communication needs before, during and after this climax - not simply snappy posters and ads, but relevant content in a recognizable tonality and visuality that reaches Berlin's tech scene with sustainable content marketing.

Content and Editorial Design
Event Production
UX/UI Design
Paid Media
Social Media and Community Management

Award, campaigns and events intertwine

Precise in topics and targeting, Uhura developed content for the campaign phases, such as interviews, technical articles, social media formats and podcasts tailored to the respective user touchpoints. Accompanying side events such as webinars, alumni dinners and jury meetings additionally engaged key influencers. The AWARD ceremony is the annual dramaturgical highlight of the Deep Tech Berlin campaign.

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