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Uhura is a Digital Agency. We help companies take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital change. We help brands stay relevant. We help develop user-oriented digital products and services. And we help companies engage their customers in digital space.  

Our solutions are driven by technology, data and are based on in-depth strategic analysis.

We work in an agile, results-oriented and intelligent way.


User relevance can be determined by happy accident or by data and fact-based analy­sis of customer behaviour and needs.

Uhura's edge lies in the evaluation and collection of data points and their use for the development of fact-based strategy options.


Exceptional UX/UI design solutions guided by an iterative and  user-centred design process. Powerful, scalable technology architecture which aligns with the strategic needs of our customers. On-time, on-budget technology development and the creation of highly relevant content. 

This set of specific performance standards drives our work when developing new websites, apps and digital services for our customers.


Work that has received several national and international awards. Highly efficient social and content marketing campaigns realised with data-supported campaign management.Traffic and lead acquisition strategies that work and exceed industry benchmarks.  

Uhura implements highly efficient campaigns that reach and engage people.


Maintaining digital operations with maximum technical performance and consistent content relevancy is a challenge faced by all organisations and teams.

Uhura supports its customers in both technical matters and with ongoing content man­agement of digital offerings and services.


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