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We are a multi-award winning social media agency made for the specific needs of B2B brands and businesses. Whether you are just starting out and need content for your brand channel or you want to actively get into social selling and optimise paid media campaigns - we are here for you!





Relevance, authenticity and the twist that makes your brand mentality approachable and tangible. Uhura is smart and creative - we combine strategy, surprising creative and technology to reach audiences, build brand awareness and generate growth. We understand how your audience consumes content on different platforms and how we activate them.

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Strategy development

Without the development and definition of sound strategy routes, companies quickly talk to the wrong customers in the wrong place through irrelevant content. In short, they "waste" money and resources unnecessarily. We work with clients to develop effective social and content marketing strategies based on data and fact-based analysis.

Content creation

Content that inspires and presents even complex contexts in a simple and comprehensible way. Uhura creates content with heart and relevance. We have received several international and national awards for our videos, campaigns, visuals, text and whitepapers.

Social advertising

Good campaigns are user-centric and data-driven. They bring the right content to the right people. Our paid media strategies are based on sound analysis and work in a highly agile way for maximum efficiency. On all mainstream and specialised platforms.

Community management

Social media marketing is dialogue with your target groups. We not only take care of the content of social media profiles, but also the creative, channel-compliant dialogue, monitoring and social listing.

Data and analytics

Linking relevant data is what unlocks the true potential of digital marketing. A well-integrated MarTech stack is the first step to creating an optimal digital experience. We leverage the potential by optimally dovetailing monitoring, analysis and distribution.

Influencer relations

Influencers are important partners in building brand and product awareness. Maintaining relationships can be challenging. Uhura analyses, identifies, develops and implements cooperation concepts with suitable influencers and the best fit to your business community.

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Agency services make sense for our campaigns when, in addition to impeccable craftsmanship, they also have the technical depth we need. That's why we always work very successfully with Uhura Creative Media on digital, ICT and media issues.
Michael Stamm, Head of ICT at Berlin Partner

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