"Preparing For Darkness": A New Painting Movement In The Uhura Basement

Kai Wermer
Kai Wermer

Uhura moved into an old laundry directly behind the Kino International in Berlin-Mitte in 2019. We extensively renovated the entire building, but now Uhura has enough space to create something new.

In the Uhura Basement, the almost 400-square-metre basement of the Uhura Laundry, we began in early 2020 with curator Uwe Goldenstein to realise exhibitions with painters who not only have fantastic artistic skills; they are also united by a real, visually comprehensible dialogue between past art and their own emotional worlds. The painters try to emphasise the magical in a visual experience by bringing a peculiar melancholy to life in their pictures.

Uwe even recognises a new movement here and calls it: "Preparing for darkness".

Art is often a source of inspiration also for other areas of society and our work as an agency service provider. Uhura therefore immediately and gladly supports a book project by Uwe Goldenstein in which many of these artists are presented. Art director and co-founder of Uhura Digital Juha Richter designed "Preparing for Darkness, A New Movement in Contemporary Painting" with Uwe Goldstein - the book was not only supported by Uhura but Uwe was also able to win the Dubach/Keller Foundation in Switzerland for it. In "Preparing for Darkness" we present painters such as Adam Magyar, Nicola Samori, Radu Belcin, Attila Szücz, Richard Athen, Flavia Pittis and many others.

Radu Belcin, Nicola Samori, book - Theodora Axcente

Even the ZEIT recently recognised the furore of this new painting movement and even sees it as the "end of the postmodern limbo". What characterises the paintings of this movement is also the end of an art that always refers only to itself.

We presented many of these artists in an exhibition at the Gallery Weekend in Berlin 2020 and realised a personal exhibition with Radu Belcin. But the Uhura Basement should and must be more than just an exhibition space. So in 2021, the Uhura Basement will be a space where new things can find a place: this could be exhibitions on such new movements, but also discussions that offer really surprising perspectives, workshops that concretise new strategies or applications - we are open to all kinds of ideas! Even if 2021 is not yet ;-)

As soon as the pandemic no longer limits our possibilities but we enter the new exciting 20s of the 21st century, as predicted by many, we at Uhura will also take advantage of this opportunity and look forward to it - perhaps to new exhibitions, new encounters and concrete work on great innovations in digital and real worlds.

You can buy the book here.

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