TikTok in B2B Marketing - Is it worth getting started now?

Mathias Benninghoven
Mathias Benninghoven

TikTok is not only the fastest growing social media platform for GenZ – counting over 1 billion users in total – it is also taking on an increasing importance among Millenials and even Boomers – the latter even recorded the highest growth rate with 24% according to the GlobalWebIndex GWI.

According to a Merit survey, 73% of 20 to 35 year-olds are already actively involved in decision-making processes for service or product purchases in their company. Even the somewhat younger so-called GenZ, who made up less than 6% of the workforce in companies in 2020, will already account for a share of over 20% in 2025.

So what part should TikTok play in the social media strategy of B2B companies today? 

The TikTok trend will certainly continue for a while. Whether the expenditure of resources is worthwhile depends, of course, on the evaluation for a company, its target groups, brand message and the products or services advertised. 

Compared to the other "big" platforms, it is possible to quickly and effectively build organic reach and followership on TikTok with the right creative. 

However, the skepticism of most B2B marketers, especially in Germany, also offers opportunities: experimenting, learning, and being the first in your segment to be active on such a booming and trendy platform sets you apart from the competition. This brings advantages for the future, to already be known by  target groups that hold the economic future in their hands.

Particularly in employer branding, TikTok currently offers the best opportunity to roll out effective employee campaigns, to cultivate the employer brand and attract new employees to the company. 

TikTok is – first and foremost – an entertainment platform, yet recent studies show that 40% of 18-24 year olds are more likely to research on TikTok than via Google. This new user behavior is pushing more and more companies to think about their social SEO options as well. Social SEO can ensure more visibility for a company among potential employees or customers - and even in the lower areas of the sales and awareness funnel.

These are some examples of B2B companies on TikTok:

@sageuki #Bossit2021 ♬ original sound - Sage
Sage with the #Bossit2021 challenge
@kukaglobal The world’s best female flair bartender @daniela_bartender vs the most advanced bartending robot. Who’s gonna win? #challenge #MakrShakr #MSKuka ♬ original sound - KUKA
Kuka with the #MakrShakr challenge
@berlinfashionweek Oh yes, just a few weeks until Berlin Fashion Week! Stay tuned…its going to be amazing, wild and intense. #berlin #fashionweek #runway #sustainability #diversity ♬ Originalton - berlinfashionweek
Promo video of Berlin Fashion Week 2023

What formats and advertising options are effective on TikTok?

The TikTok algorithm is certainly one of the platform's strengths. It quickly learns to adapt to user behavior and preferences. When these preferences change - and this happens more often than you might think - the algorithm also adapts quickly. 

The most important parameters are user engagement: who are users following, what is being liked, commented on or saved? Also certain keywords, video captioning and especially hashtags support the algorithm in evaluating relevant content for users. 

The most effective is the combination and well-balanced play of three pillars: The creation of unique organic content (Organic Beats), the effective use of paid ads (Paid Peaks), and the establishment of authentic creative partnerships with content creators on the platform. This mix enables continuous and meaningful interaction with your own target audience.

Companies and events such as SAGE, WIX, Berlin Fashion Week, ADOBE or Shopify are already successful with different strategies and content formats. The following approaches are evident: 

• Make an effort to get on the Discover page

• Use hashtag challenges (such as SAGE's #Bossit2021 challenge).

• Use hashtags correctly and stay on top of viral trends so you don't miss them

• Authenticity is key: your content needs to fit the company in order to appeal credibly to your target audience

• Have courage and fun when creating TikTok videos

• Don't just copy your own ideas, because it's originality that is rewarded

• Use effects and sounds to make your content stand out from the crowd

This is what Adobe and Wix are doing on TikTok:

@adobe Stories bring us together. Three creators share how they see filmmaking as a way to own their experiences, build community, and be creative. Get ready for @sundanceorg 2023! ✨ Join us for more insights and inspiration from the @indiewire ♬ original sound - Adobe
TikTok by Adobe in the frame of Sundance Film Festival
@wix We’re optimized for high performance. Now the ball’s in your court. #designtips #websitedesign #design #WixTips ♬ original sound - Wix
TikTok promo by wix

Get ahead with paid media

To quickly get satisfactory results or support your own profiles and campaigns, TikTok offers a lot of different ad formats and targeting options: 


Reach, Traffic, App Installs, Video Views, Conversion.


Choose category for product/offer, up to 20 keywords, location, granular interests, behavior, age, gender

Ad formats

Spark Ads, In-Feed Ads, Brand Take-Over Ads, Top View Ads,

Branded Hashtag Challenges Ads, Branded Effects

Text/Call to Action

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Even if TikTok is not suitable for every company in the B2B sector, the platform is already offering interesting options for B2B companies, at least for use in employer branding. Those who already want to successfully place their brand with decision-makers of the next few years should put TikTok in the relevant set of their marketing activities. 

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