Uhura shows Per Morten Abrahamsen at the BERLIN PHOTO WEEK

Kai Wermer
Kai Wermer

One of the masters of Danish photography, Per Morten Abrahamsen will exhibit at BERLIN PHOTO WEEK 2022 in the Uhura Basement. Per Morten Abrahamsen is best known for his staged portraits, his special view of the surroundings and his ability to translate visual narratives spectacularly into images. His work has been part of record covers, corporate art, international advertising campaigns, editorial and online content as well as theatre and dance productions. He even photographed the Danish Queen and her family recently with amazing results. Also the official gala portrait delivered to embassies all over the world is a work of Per Morten Abrahamsen.

Jesper Christensen (series Plastic), 2012, archival ink on Baryta, 100 x 80cm,edition of 6, framed

Abrahamsen has exhibited in many galleries and museums in Denmark as well as abroad. Among others, he has had solo exhibitions at the Aros Museum, the National Photo Museum Copenhagen/The black diamond (Danish National Portrait Gallery), the Fnac Gallery in Paris and Brussels and in many other cities. Most recently he had a major solo exhibition at the Maison du Danemark in Paris, on the Avenue des Champs-Elysées.

We at Uhura Digital are very pleased to present an extensive show of his photographs spanning several years on approximately 250 sqm in the Basement. Per Morten will be present, the opening is on Friday, 02.09. from 19.00.

Head of Dalí, archival ink on Baryta

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