Alice Bucher
Alice Bucher

#santatakesover - Santa Claus takes Schlaraffia's social media profiles in attempt to be an influencer throughout the festive season.

The digital agency Uhura has been in charge of the social media communication of the traditional brand Schlaraffia since the beginning of the year and has already been forced to take a step back.As of the first of advent, Santa Claus will take over the social media profiles of the bed and mattress manufacturer Schlaraffia and post as much as possible.

What you can expect from Santa are not only unusual posts, pictures and videos, but also the chance to receive presents. Each Advent, Santa tests his community by posing entertaining quiz questions and rewards the best participants with stunning gifts.

Of course, Santa Claus also answers private messages ans will actively participate in community discussions on Schlaraffia's Facebook and Instagram profiles.

The social media campaign #santatakesover with Santa runs until 24.12.2020 - after that, Santa will again hand over to the social media specialists from Uhura Digital in Berlin and return tothe everlasting comfort of his Schlaraffia mattress.

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