Uhura has created a digital version of the “Ausbildungsatlas Gesundheit”

Sarah Striedl
Sarah Striedl

Since 2014, the “Ausbildung Gesundheit in Berlin und Brandenburg” has been published by Berlin Partner, Health Capital and Brandenburg. The brochure is directed towards school graduates and individuals shifting inbetween careers, generally interested in skilled occupations in the field of health, within the Berlin-Brandenburg area. Until just recently, the brochure was solely available as a print and PDF version.

The new publication for potential trainees in the health sector

Not only did Uhura update the brochures content and details of over 60 training professions, but also reviewed and modernised its design. Additionally, Uhura reworked pieces of text stylistically, as well as content-wise and optimized these accordingly to search engines. The editors focused on making the language used in the text sound more personal, in order to be more appealing for a younger target group. Clear questions, simpler language and easy-to-follow structures help the recipients understand vital pieces of information faster and more efficiently.

In order to make the training professions more appealing for the younger target audience, Uhura chose the method of authentic storytelling and used photographs to illustrate the training professions learning environment. Overall, eight trainees were identified as testimonials. The statements of these trainees underline the emotional and relatable aspect.

The new website atlas-ausbildung.de optimized for desktop and mobile usage

As a final step, Uhura worked on the websites concept, which was also established then. On this website, the brochures pieces of content are visible as a mobile and desktop version. The benefit of the brochures digitalisation is its flexibility and improved dynamic. Intuitive navigation and clear profiles of each individual training profession are easily accessible for the young target group. A comprehensive map entails the locations of the training facilities and relevant persons of contact. It also helps the users gain a quick overview of what is on offer and which training profession is most suitable for them within Berlin-Brandenburg’s health industry.

The website of the “Ausbildungsatlas Gesundheit”: https://atlas-ausbildung.de/

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