Agency profile and competences

Uhura is a marketing and technology agency that creates digital media formats and campaigns which reach and involve people. We use our expertise to help our clients exploit the opportunities that digital transformation provides in all areas of communication, marketing and internal organisation.
We aspire to delivering excellent, user-centric digital products in all areas of design, technology and content. And those are not just our words, but what the juries of national and international awards we have received say about us.
Our services

Strategy and design

Marketing and technology intertwine inseparably. New services, content, applications and value-adding digital services make up an important part of the product and brand experience.
Our team of experts analyse the impact of digital change on companies, products and brands, and develop strategies and concrete solutions that offer people real added-value.
Uhura has developed a comprehensive set of tools and focusses on user-centric methods for efficient strategy consulting during the consultation process.


  • Innovation and management workshops
  • Digital brand strategy development
  • Communications planning
  • Social media strategy
  • Content strategy (matrix, audit, moving image, organisation)
  • Marketing automation strategies
  • Scorecard development, analytic strategies and measurabilities
  • Lead nurturing strategies
  • Visibility strategies
  • Target group analyses, strategy development for search engine optimisation and marketing (SEO & SEM)
  • User surveys (sentimental, online surveys, interviews with multipliers)
  • Service design (customer journey, blueprints)


Design and user experience

Design remains a key success factor for excellent websites, mobile applications, digital content, e-commerce offerings and interfaces. Our designers work closely with the entire team to define elegant, inspiring and usable design solutions.


  • Interface and web design
  • Corporate design
  • Motion graphics and video
  • Branding and identity design
  • Usability testing and research
  • Interaction and service design
  • Information architecture, user scenarios and wireframes
  • Visual content strategy and design


Social media and content

Stories and content, which are relevant to people, convincing, provide coverage and transform users into customers: Uhura creates, builds and manages content campaigns and transforms relevant content into text, image and video. In addition to creating content for websites, shops and mobile applications, we manage social media actions and profiles for various clients and projects.


  • Content and social media strategy development
  • Video production and format development
  • Corporate media solutions (external and internal communications)
  • Social media editorial & services
  • Visual content and interactive graphics
  • Online editorial & e-commerce editorial
  • Content-marketing campaigns
  • Social media campaigns and steering
  • Social media monitoring
  • Social media CRM



Our software developers and technology consultants combine the culture of start-up with a unhurried look at the technological possibilities with the focus on what matters: for our clients and their customers.
In our development work, we focus on open source and customised solutions. We use ticketing, task and time recording systems to ensure efficient implementation and communication with our clients.


  • Consultancy and evaluation
  • Relaunches, web sites, microsites
  • Blogs and landing pages
  • Content management systems, PIMs
  • Front and back-end development
  • E-commerce shops and applications
  • Responsive solutions and mobile sites
  • Mobile applications (iOS, Android, Windows 10, and hybrid)
  • Web apps
  • API integration and orchestration
  • Internal communication systems
  • Prototype development
  • On-page optimisation
  • Quality Control for HTML5, node.js, angular.js and javascript
  • Python, Ruby, PHP and Java


Data and analytics

In order to collect data, draw the right conclusions from it and make success measurable, Uhura provides comprehensive KPI measurement services to its clients along with the analysis and development of related services:


  • Data collection strategies
  • Data cubes/OLAP
  • Privacy concepts
  • Website analysis instruments including Google Analytics, Piwik and Xiti
  • In-app analyses
  • AB tests
  • Conversion tracking
  • Conversion analysis: User Flox, UX
  • Lead and micro-conversion analysis and benchmarking
  • Social media audits and real-time analytics
  • Content analysis
  • Dashboard development and automation

New Articles

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Uhura's Smart Creatives developed brand, website and content for Smart City Berlin
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