Content creation and community support for the French health tech pioneer Withings.

Tech – Made in France – conquers the world

Withings revolutionised connected health in 2009 with the world's first Wi-Fi body scale. Since then, the company has set its sights on developing the next generation of smart health solutions - from activity trackers and ECG blood pressure monitors to advanced sleep monitoring. Withings thus makes important readings and practical usable data accessible to everyone, helping people prevent and manage chronic conditions with unique hardware and wearables that promote healthier living.

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Uhura sets the tone for Withings in the DACH region

Uhura has been responsible for the editorial support of the German Withings channel on Facebook since June 2019 and on Instagram since 2023. The content team supports the global marketing team with product launches in the German consumer market, has already successfully implemented several influencer campaigns and creates content assets localised individually for the German market, such as infographics, animations and other interactive learning content. For this, Uhura works closely with Withings' data analysts to extract facts about the German-speaking region and adapt them visually, for example. In this way, the public is made aware of the topic of health in a vivid and playful way and the Withings brand is placed with German health tech consumers.

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Keeping the community spirit in mind

To deeply reach and engage the German social media community, the Uhura content team actively engages with users, answers questions about products and also set up a dedicated Withings Facebook community group for Germany in autumn 2019. This has given dedicated Withings followers a space for closer interaction, for example through weekly product tips, success stories and testimonials, surveys and regular competitions.