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Brand and website development in record time for the tech spin-off of UTSCH AG

Sieveo, a spin-off of UTSCH AG, is a provider of highly developed digital solutions and has developed a unique algorithm that makes the digital verification of material and intellectual property such as brands, people, vehicles or pharmaceuticals available to the general public. This technology simplifies the security and auditability of information on a global scale.

The focus throughout the project was on the fastest possible time-to-market in order to ensure the earliest possible market entry and to meet the momentum of the market.

In a radical sprint approach, Uhura developed the complete setup for a market launch in a total of 10 weeks: brand name, logo, marketing materials, illustrations and an attractive, modern corporate website.

UX/UI Design- and Strategy
Brand Strategy & Development
Technology Management
Demand Generation
Siveo Visual
A men is entering a room
Siveo Logo
Weeks from first idea to market entry
Comprehensive brand, CI and website developed