Interview Kai Wermer with Top Interactive Agencies

Margarita Kozakiewicz
Margarita Kozakiewicz

Uhura founder and CEO Kai Wermer spoke to Top Interactive Agencies about the role of machine learning in creative production, the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis across the industry and some recommendations for start-ups with limited budgets and limited resources.

How can leadership create and then cultivate an inclusive workplace?

Becoming clear about one’s own values and documenting them sometimes certainly helps to become a better role model. Then you can also train your team to become more attentive and sensitive. For us, language is also an important instrument. Incidentally, it also helps to integrate art or cultural events.

With shopper behaviour changing, what impact do you believe machine learning and big data will have on the world of creative production?

Big Data and ML allow us to tell more personalized stories. We are already working with much, much more data than a few years ago. The challenge is to turn data into information and information into insights. These can then push us out of our norms and expectations every now and then. Creativity will always be our superpower, but data and ML will be our compass.

The COVID-19 crisis accelerated an expansion of digital marketing towards new firms, customers and types of products. How is the pandemic impacting your project pipeline?

It seems to me that there are more projects on the one hand, but on the other hand they are more small-scale and short-term. This is not always well thought out in my eyes. Basically, many companies are trying to build a direct-to-consumer relationship and digital marketing and digital services are playing a stronger role.

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